Happy Star Wars Episode 007: #CLONEWARSSAVED

The Clone Wars, in my opinion, is one of the crowning achievements of the Star Wars franchise and one of the reasons Star Wars has stayed alive to this day. A thankful shoutout to The Clone Wars kids, why The Clone Wars is so important to Star Wars as a whole, and what we're getting when the show returns for twelve more episodes. 

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Happy Star Wars Episode 003: I Don't Think Star Wars Should "MARVEL-ize" (And That's A Good Thing!)

I'm not convinced that Star Wars needs to take any cues from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in order to continue the success of Star Wars. Let me explain my thoughts...

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Happy Star Wars Episode 002: I Like Rose Tico (The Girl Who Likes Horses For Girls Who Like Horses)

Rose Tico is one of my favorite characters, if not only because she's not for me at all. Rose is one of the new representations of women that go overlooked in most conversations around her, and frankly, that's sad, because she's awesome. Maybe I can help you appreciate Rose a little bit, like I do, as I go on my own journey again.

Also, the cure for a toxic fan base and why Rose Tico IS actually part of Star Wars' GRAVEST mistake...