The Black Anchor

The Black Anchor

A black mist calls…

Biting night screams into the dark

A ship enters calmer waters.

Makeshift dock rotten with misfortune

Creaky sounds echo deep…

A black cat crosses his path.

And turns, “I watch the night.”

Eyes light the way, anchors long sunk

Ancient eyes pet his skin,

Creatures come, come faster, eyes

Danger, dangerous eyes

Staring into his soul.

Danger, anchors in the deep.

He is ancient he is eternal

O', am his vessel, I AM GOD

The black anchor sinks into the night

My Fiance Was Killed By Bees

My Fiance Was Killed By Bees


My fiance was killed by bees

I sheepishly admit to the group

it’s a terrible way to go


A thousand stingers piercing flesh

paramedics stabbing concoctions into ballooning skin

each breath another last


Text chimes fall on headphone’d ears

gorilla glass dimly lights her nightstand “Mom and Dad”

But an Arch-Demon is about to fall and I’ve got loot to claim


My fiance was killed by bees

when you repeat it, it’s kind of insane

they pollinated this nectarine that I refuse to eat


and when all the paperwork is done and filed

Facebook likes and sympathy tweets

what do I have left but the ashes of a woman who was killed by bees?